Animal Instincts to be converted into 3D (11/9/2008):

Animal Instincts has been selected as one of a group of award-winning short films being converted into 3D by the 3D Film Factory. This will make it one of the first films ever to be converted from 2D to full stereoscopic 3D, using state-of-the-art technology. The film is currently going through the tedious process of being converted ready for worldwide distribution in early 2009. The short films selected in the initial group are listed here. They will be shown as group in many of the new 3D cinemas opening across the US, to demonstrate the potential of 3D films. GooRoo Animation are excited to be at the forefront of what many are predicting to be the future of theatrical exhibition. With 3D TV channels on the rise in countries like Japan, it could well be the future of television too. Keep an eye on our site for release dates and where to see it, coming soon.

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