About the Film

Cows With Guns was our first big success as film makers, and motivated us for many more years of stop motion animation. We made the film in 2002, when Michael was in year 11 and Cameron was in year 9 at high school. The film clip went a lot further than we could have possibly imagined.

The song Cows With Guns was a hit in the late 90s, but it had never had an official film clip made for it. There was another animated video clip being made around the same time as ours by Norwegian Flash animator Bjorn-Magne Stuestol, which you can watch on youtube here.

The song writer, Dana Lyons, is an independent musician, who has toured the world since, playing Cows With Guns and other songs to adoring fans.

We sent him the video back in 2002 to get permission to screen it around the place. He was happy to offer this so we sent it out to a few film festivals and it became our first award winning film, taking first prize in the South Australian Young Film Makers Awards.

It has remained a crowd favourite since back then. We attribute this to such a great song, as our animation was pretty primative and our jokes pretty immature. Nonetheless, it has continued to catch people's attention.

We were lucky enough to have the film featured on the Youtube homepage in 2007.

We had put all our past films online in late 2006 and most of them had a few thousand views. Cows With Guns was going best with about 20,000 and must have done something to catch the eye of Youtube content scouts.

We discovered what had happened when Cameron logged into hotmail and found thousands of emails from youtube titled, new comment on "Cows With Guns". He thought something was wrong at first but soon realised how great it really was.

It shot up a few hundred thousand views in the first day and has been climbing steadily since. We're just happy so many people have had the chance to view our film.

Someone who happened to notice our film featured on Youtube was songwriter Dana Lyons.

When Dana saw it pop up on Youtube, with hundreds of thousands of views, he thought I gotta meet these guys, so the next month on a trip to Australia, he stopped in to say 'howdy' and have some lunch.

This was a great honour for us, because in a way, this was the man who kick started our film making careers. We showed him what we'd done so far on the project we were working on at the time, Animal Instincts, and we listened to some of his recent songs. We talked about working as independent artists and agreed Youtube was a good thing for both of us, and we should use it to help sell some T-Shirts! You can order Cows With Guns T-Shirts at www.cowswithguns.com.